Holisticrats yoga and wellness is operating as a yoga studio with a holistic twist that gives you a modern healing experience with old school wisdom.

We define holistic as the integration of mind, body and spirit to achieve balance and vitality.

A Holisticrat is a person born with the right of holistic health and living. We are not the only Holisticrats, you are also a Holisticrat!

Our mission is to remind you of your birthright to integrate mind, body, and spirit to achieve balance and vitality in order to live your happiest life. To make holistic being accessible and affordable to all.


About the Founders


I learned the importance of an unprocessed diet, the power of movement, and responsible choices. I took control of my health and started making these permanent life changes.

I started making smoothies and eating more broccoli and spinach. I hired a personal trainer. Consequently, I started feeling better: overtime, my migraines lessened; I went off my conventional medication; and I lost the excess weight. But, most importantly, I had a clear mind and I learned the power of holistic healing. I then decided to turn my career into a mission.

I stepped away from the massage business my family and I owned and aimed to bring balance to everyBODY. As a natural problem solver and following a decade as a Neuromuscular Therapist, I  started Posture Police. Posture Police is the Therapeutic Fitness conduit between Yoga and Physical Therapy, applying numerous yoga like exercises with a physical therapy philosophy. I continued to expand my knowledge and expertise into holistic nutrition, personal and business coaching, and marketing.

After working with special needs children, many seniors and everyone in between, I acted on my even larger vision, Holisticrats. I see a vision for Holisticrats Yoga and Wellness to be the foundation for a Holisticrat Movement to ignite in Coral Springs.

Matthew Hamburger

I remember when one of favorite bands was coming into town. I was so excited. I needed this concert, because I used music as my emotional coping mechanism.

I was 23 years old and I was 40 lbs overweight addicted to overeating ice cream, Publix subs, and Friday’s Hamburgers. I had a gym membership, however, I only made occasional appearances.

Before heading to concert, I was about to start eating dinner, but I was overcome with wave of blurry vision and cold body sweats. I knew it was a migraine when my left fingers and lips went numb. I thought to myself, “Why isn’t this preventative migraine medication working?” Unfortunately migraines were a common occurrence for me.

This was my “enough is enough” moment. I was no longer going to let migraines take away my favorite thing in the world. From that moment forward, I made the decision to focus on my health and take my health seriously.

Immediately following this incident, I started a juice cleanse and began to obviate my migraines. Conventional medicine had already failed me, but I didn’t know the eye-opening, life changing knowledge I was about to discover.

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Matthew’s Credentials

B.A. Business Management from Florida Atlantic University

Florida Licensed Massage Therapist with 1000 hours of training

A.S. Advanced Therapeutic Massage from Florida College of Natural Health

Neuromuscular Therapy Certification

Sports Massage Certification

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

DSP Elected President

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My life completely changed: hate was replaced with love, fear was replaced with courage, self-rejection was replaced with the deepest self-acceptance. Today, I live a life I LOVE that I have co-created with the Universe.

 I felt like I must share with the world the healings tools that saved my life. Thus my mission began.

Juliana Bottini

My battle with depression lead to me to yoga and holistic living. At 14 years old I felt completely helpless and hopeless.

In my darkest moment, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed the pain to stop. I wrote a letter to my mom blaming her for everything, another to my boyfriend telling him I was sorry, a letter to my dad telling him how much I loved him.

I picked up scissors. I walked to the bathroom. While putting the scissors to my wrist, I felt this energy move through me. I felt a deep knowing that this was not the way. I put the scissors down and I cried. I bawled and begged that energy to show me another way.

This was my first encounter with the Universe. I surrendered to this energy that I did not know and begged for help because my life depended on it. The Universe of course, delivered.

I met my first Spiritual Teacher who gave me hope and showed me another way. She taught me all about energy, Law of Attraction, Spirituality, eating healthy, Reiki, and so much more. I invited the Universe into every part of my life. I cultivated a daily connection with Universe, I listened to the messages I received, and I took inspired actions. 

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Juliana’s Credentials

B.S. Nutrition with a minor in Yoga Philosophy from Rutgers University

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher

1,000+ hours of  yoga teaching experience

Certified Teacher for Kids, Senior, Therapeutics, Bhakti and Yin Yoga

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader

Spirit Junkie Master Class Graduate by Gabby Bernstein

Yoga Philosophy Teacher trained by Edwin Bryant and Satyanarayana Dasa Babji

About Yoga

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Yoga has accrued many meanings, definitions and translations over the 5,000 + years it has existed.

Our goal at Holisticrats Yoga and Wellness is to educate our clients on origins of yoga and help our clients discover what yoga means to them.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has become a mainstream western exercise. There are two predominate and authoritative texts that clearly define yoga: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita.

Patanjali, the compiler of The Yoga Sutras, provides us with a clear definition of yoga in sutra 1.2, “Yoga is the stilling of the mind”. The Bhagavad Gita offers 4 definitions of yoga: the yoga of knowledge (jnana-yoga), the yoga of action (karma-yoga), the yoga of devotion (bhakti-yoga), and the path of silent meditation (dhyana-yoga).

Our simplest definition is: An exercise approach consisting of movements and poses, powered by breathing, which enables you to clear your mind, enhance your body, and vitalize your spirit.

Most importantly, what does yoga mean to you?